scandinavian style

this look is head to toe perfection. i love me some scandinavian blog action. the girls out there are the true fashion blog pioneers. i owe true north style to agathe of the much loved, much missed style bytes, she was my inspiration.
a little shout out to some of my favourites, caroline, carolina, emma, elin (the gorgeous blond above), columbine and the ladies of anywho.
xxx my lovelies.


chrisjinkim said...

love the look

Kasey said...

agreed i love her look!
one of my fave european bloggers is alice point shes fab! you should check her out if you havent already!

Stephanie said...

I had saved this shot a while back as well. didn't know she was swedish blogger though. the look is amazing. and agreed, the swedes kill it in the fashion dept.


Ida said...

I love to read swedish blogs, probably because i am from sweden.. But it is allways fun to see others from other countries. And your blog is definitely full with insperation :)

Hélène Heath said...

AAahh tell me about it, the Scandinavians are pure fashion and style perfection... i don't know what their secret is - perhaps the fact that they're all tall perfect gorgeous leggy creatures??! lol

Veronicahhh said...

Cindy you are SO RIGHT about style bytes!!!!! I was so so upset when she stopped her blog with no explanation.. sigh.