most loved

some recent favourites
h&m floral tank and my another feather and rackk and ruin crystal bullets.


Unknown said...

<3! The crystal bullets are delicate and yet anything but that. And seriously what's up with me & H&M - whenever I go I never see anything like this... maybe mine just sucks or I'm completely oblivious when I walk in.


ariane said...

Loooove the necklaces & that lovely floral print :)


Stephanie said...

so hélène and i BOTH tried to find this tank at two diff. H&M's in Mtl and it's completely sold out! one h&m even went through TWO shipments! I was thinking how lucky you are to have scored it lol!

This picture is amazing btw ;)


melly said...

beautiful! are those rose quartz crystals?

teresweetstyle said...

I love your t-shirt.
this is the one you show us in the video no?

the park said...

the necklace is beautiful.

- s + a.

TheStreetFashion5xpro said...

Gorgeous post!!!

Mumbles said...

that tee is so so nice
I love the pattern, so summery

marley mumbles