alexa chung: street snapped

alexa in kate moss for topshop. i remember her wearing this many moons ago on popworld and i love that she still reaches for it. it's my favourite kate moss piece and i'd love to get my hands on it. she was snapped by the girls at fashionista shopping in nyc and is carrying the leopard print russell and bromley bag he wore to the new moon premiere here.
oh alexa how i adore thee....
alexa wearing the dress 4 years ago on popworld
src. fashionista and tfs


K. said...

It's so nice to see a star who recycles and re-wears, rather than discards clothes.

Fabulous look... I love her sandals! I would never think of pairing floral and leopard print, but Alexa can pull off anything!


ariane said...

I want that dress.... badly!

love the simplicity of her looks here. sometimes less is more!

{ I V Y } said...

oh look at that cute young alexa ahaha


kirstyb said...

oh i thought i had seen that dress before - i still love it xxxx

Michelle Elaine said...

Shes a halfie like me & C.C.! I loved her so much more though when she didn't have her show on MTV.


geri said...

ha, that's awesome! xo

Stephanie said...

good detective work digging the four years ago shot out of the archives!

My fave alexa snapshot was in a Brit Vogue about two summers ago im sure you know it. she's got a bob hair do and wasn't as waif thin as she is now. Her whole loook was captivating to me in that page/profile. + she seems like a doll which is always a winner in my hollywood books! Love the dress! It would be so fab on you! I hope you manage to track it down one of these days ;) xx

Mumbles said...

I love alexa
she's so so pretty and her dress too
and she looks so young on the last picture, it wasn't so long ago, well 4 years is a long time ago, but she looks like she were 17
have a nice weekend


Anonymous said...

That's what is so unique about the wonderful Alexa. Amazing.


Anonymous said...

she looks beautiful in that dress!

Fashion Cappuccino said...

She looks so pretty in that dress!! And how long her legs even without heeels, wow! xoxoxoxo