alexa three ways

three favourites, especially the top look with the muberry and luella skirt. that is my favourite alexa era. 2008 alexa - i thought her whole look: body, hair, make up and clothes were just perfection. check out more from that time here. i love the sheer top in the bottom left picture, the textured coat and her alexa bag, obvi. in the right shot, the combo of her leather pants and denim shirt is just lovely and the simple accessories make the look.


Michelle Elaine said...

First look hands down I feel best describes or captures what I expect from Alexa! She makes me wish I were taller and lengthy.


Theresa said...

That first look is stunnig, I'd totally wear it, from head to toe. She's looks as if she doesn't put any effort into her choice of clothes (even though I'm pretty sure she does)... and looks fabulous!

Mumbles said...

totally agree
but I love the 2008 alexa, 2009 alexa, 2010 alexa and probably 2011 alexa
I haven't seen her wearing that black bluse
nice post
hope you're having a nice week


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F Blog said...

ahh i loveee her sheer top in the left photo. amaaazing.

Stephanie said...

did you hear about the mulberry for target collab this fall? I thought of you immediately!


Bourgeoisgirl said...

love your blog! check out mine sometime =) www.cestbourgeois.blogspot.com

xo bourgeoisgirl

StoneTeenagers said...

alexa chung, alexa chung, an inspiration for all the world!:)

hélène said...

Damn i loooove alexa's style! And she's so pretty. And she has a bangin bod. Girl's got pretty much everything. Although i have to say, sadly i really really disliked her cfda look, have you seen it?! Very disappointing- bordering on geriatric. Love the 3 looks you picked!

Gonzalo said...

great Alexa!

Kendra said...

She is beyond adorable. I love the sheer black top, trying to find something similar for myself.

Kendra said...

Did you know she was in Toronto this past weekend!? My friend met her, she was on her way to the island to see Pavement. Wish I could have caught a glimpse of her in the flesh.