forever in love

shocked at how amazing these are... shocked.
the forever 21 miu miu inspired polka dot maryjanes,
comfy, gorgeous and unbelievably inexpensive.
*** a note on the fit, they run big, i'm normally a 81/2 or a 9 and the size 8 fit perfectly. they don't rub and they also come in solid black.
you need these shoes


lydiajoy said...

I JUST saw these online, and I'm super disappointed. They're bringing out some really snazzy looking shoes, but most of them start at a 6, and I feel like all their shoes run a bit large. Whenever they have a 5, it's either in a shoe that's not my style, or sold out before I can get it. I'm convinced I need to figure out how to grow my feet!

Congrats on your new Miu Miu look-a-likes!


Colleen said...

oh my god, so cute! i hope my neighborhood f21 has a pair for me...but if they run big, i probably won't be able to find a size small enough (i wear a size 6!)

Liv said...

Are they really comfy? I was eyeing them online and thought, naaah... they couldn't be. But now seeing for myself might warrant the journey through the gauntlet of tweens!


Stephanie said...

LOVE these for you!
I just showed them to my miu miu obsessed colleague and she has to have them lol! but they'Re sold out online in polka dots and she said she didn't see them in the mtl store. on the online US store they come in little white daisy print-- have you seen those? ADORABLE!!!

but the mary-jane strap is bad news for my wide foot-- so unflattering.

marie said...

they are a lot chunkier than I expected...pretty rad. I may have to pick up a solid black pair for myself if you say they are comfy

Kara said...

omg, totally love these. got the same pair last week!! :) enjoy!


Mumbles said...

I totally love these too
they're gorgeous
so so pretty

♥ Marley

Anonymous said...

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mara said...

hahaa those f21 heels are insane, you portray that so well in your photos! hahaaa loving it!! keep it coming!

kisses from the philippines xxx


Anonymous said...

i love them !!

and they are dotty,, best part!


Ashley said...

I have them and i love them too!!