slam dunk

sneaker heels. i must say i'm not a virgin to this concept. in high school i repeatedly stole my sisters suede guess sneaker wedges. wearing sneakers with your kilt was very popular for a time and why not do it + make your legs look nicer while you're at it? since then i've never been compelled to mix fashion and function in that specific way, at least not until i saw this post on garance's blog today. isabel marant, you make me want to walk tall in my kicks once again. high top hidden wedge sneakers, pretty cool oui?


Lexie V. said...

I almost sold all of my sneakers last year but I want these! Love it!

Mumbles said...

how are you doing?
ahahah I did that at high school too, now, I look at the pictures and think "how could I wear sneakers all the time?"
I don't know what to think... they're cool, but I wouldn't wear them

♥ Marley

Colleen said...

i do love me some high-tops, and while i'm not crazy about the concept of high heel sneakers, these are actually pretty cool. it would be awesome to look taller while wearing sneakers!