what i wear when the summer is raging, the ac is blasting and i'm home dancing with myself.
cut offs, a sweatshirt and bare feet.
sweater and jeans: vintage


LAYNE said...

I love ur easy, care-free style :)

Mumbles said...

how are you doing?
you look great
love your shorts
and that sweatshirt looks so comfy and so so nice

♥ Marley

melly said...

such a wonderful outfit!!!so casual, so cool, so chic in a very canadian way --- to me at least. cannot wait to emigrate to vancouver in the fall and wear stuff like that, yeeeha!

Stephanie said...

awww my comment didn't save....

i was saying...love your sweater nd i've been living in my levi's via cm cut offs this summer. they're perfectly worn in now.
and i dance alone too ;)....mostly to guilty pleasure songs to boot! lol

hope the country is a swell and relaxing time with good weather!

Phil said...

Perfect. Absolutely perfect. Superb legs and feet.