summer rains

this is an outfit from earlier this summer. i wore my little booties so i could stomp through the rain puddles. that's why the first picture is a bit grainy, it was a bit overcast. i love wearing this flippy skirt, it took me so long to find one that wasn't either 1) excessively expensive or 2) obscenely short, paired with my favourite phillip lim tee and a metal detailed belt it's love. i've been wearing my pendleton bags non-stop lately. this bright teal one is perfect for summer. they are so versatile and inexpensive so you don't have to worry about slinging them around in the park. you can buy them on the pendleton site or on urban outtfiters' website, but i got mine on ebay. i added this great metal bird pin that i found antiquing this may with my mom to give it a bit of a miu miu vibe.
top: phillip lim, skirt: h&m, belt: zara, pin and boots: vintage, bag: pendleton


Becky said...

Cute outfit, love the t shirt and boots.

hélène said...

I am so in love with those pendleton bags. They're a great summer option, but i think the bet thing about them is that they totally work into the fall too.