what you gonna do?

i love getting fashion inspiration from movies, especially those from the the 80's and 90's. 1994's bad boys is one of my very favourites. not only is it a fabulous action/buddy flick, but tea leoni steals the spotlight with her drool worthy wardrobe. so watch it for the hilarity of mark lowery/will smith and marcus burnett/martin lawerence's relationship, the shirtless running scene, fast cars, miami backdrop and the micheal bay action sequences, but take some queues from julie mott's fashion choices.
the first scene we see her in is when she shows up to party with her roommate max at the al capone suite. she's dressed in a loose sheer tunic unbutton from the waist down worn over a pair of bike shorts, something that is actually kind of current. she tops it with a buttoned up vest, ankle wrap stilettos and tons of silver jewelry. with rings on every finger, chunky bangles and that infamous black and silver choker, julie shows a little of her tough attitude through her wardrobe.
look 2 takes us to julie's apartment. here she wears a 90's staple, the long striped body con. cut just below the knee, slit at one side and worn with khaki combats, julie's ready to run from the drug lords. i love the striped ribbed material and the fitted, but not skin tight shape.
Julie changes into a fun clubbing outfit in look three. the tiniest flippy mini that bustles in the back, a white ribbed tee, long black leather vest with scalloped edging and high heeled clogs. you could step out in that whole look today and look totally current.
finally for the big take down, we see julie in another flippy mini, this time it's khaki and high waisted with a tiny pleat detail. paired with another white tee, suspenders and her khaki combats she's ready to kick some butt with the boys.
beauty wise julie keeps it simple with a jagged black bob, a little eyeliner and red stained lips, her natural beauty always comes through.
epic wardrobe and a favourite film, watch it today.


Fashion wild said...

he is so beautiful! *o*

Claire said...

forgot how much i loved this film! i never noticed the clothes when i was little but hells yes to her collection of army boots!


Everyone calls me Coco. said...

that last picture could be megan fox