aldo adoration

my new love.
the piontek from aldo
a clog/construction boot/hiking boot hybrid with a cozy knit lining, swoon.
these were love at first sight when i spotted them in teen vogue's september issue while at the cottage. i finally tracked them down today (they apparently have sold out in a lot of stores) and i can't wait to spend my fall in them, comfortable, adorable and 140$can.

furthermore, i must say that i think aldo changed their sizing because these are an 8 and the last time i bought aldo shoes i had to return them because the 9 was snug. has anyone else noticed that? i'm also in love with those hunter lace ups above, dark green and a gum sole, yum.


skeleta said...

they look beautiful!
I noticed the sizing, it varies so much.
I'm usually a 38 there. Recently the 38 I tried on was too tight so I had to get the 39s.
It's weird but oh well. :)

Stephanie said...

THese are so nice and soooooooo perfectly suited to you style., there's no doubt you'll get TONS of wear out of them!!

ThisFashionIsMine said...

Lovely! They have everything all in one (well two) :)

Prad Savania said...

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Black Adder Fashion said...

LOVE these shoes!

Great blog, i'll be sure to follow

xx Black Adder Fashion

marie said...

pretty rad boots. the heel is such a perfect height and the knit thingamajig is so amazing! the Hunter boots are amazing too...wouldn't mind getting a pair of those...

Anonymous said...

Very jealous! I want those boots xxx


QueenDesi said...

great boots!!!!!
love it very much.

i'm following u now.visit my blog..feel free if u wanna follow me back :)


in love&Light
Queen D

Stefani said...

Love theese boots!

Arushi Khosla (FabBlab) said...

OMG you are so pretty!

Amanda Lalique said...

Good choice, they are very cute and I love the color

Ayanna Michelle said...

I'm in love with these. OMG. Great post!

Quench Fab

What is Reality Anyway? said...

whoa, cute shoes!

you saw kate hudson wearing it in a tabloid?? so cool, do you remember which one-that would be a rad collectors item for me :)

Liv said...

Really cute! Loving the Hunter ones too!
And I totally agree about the French-Vogue-instant-gratification-blogosphere thing... by the time we get the magazine it's already old news and you feel like you're reading a three month old issue! Maybe if the actual magazine was like a pop-up book the excitement would remain? (Okay, so I have this thing where I think all books would be improved if they were made into pop-up books, from medical texts to the phonebook. Do people still use the phone book?)