gilberto and ilda ♥

my mom and dad in 1974,
the year before they got married.
these are my favourite pictures of them, they were shot by street photographers in porto, portugal paparazzi style. they would take your picture and then you could buy the shots from them, such a cool idea that i wish was done still.
my parents were so stylish and my mom made most of her own clothes. she's just 19 here.
xxxxooo cindy, thanks for the inspiration.



мне понравился ваш стиль))

liv said...

These are awesome. And how adorable are your parents. You look so much like your mom! She's gorgeous!

And I totally agree, I wish they still did stuff like that now. If only it was the 70s! Our parents were so cool then lol

x x x x Liv

Mafalda said...

Aww those are so cute :D


Theresa said...

amazing!!! I love your mother's style. It's such a nice idea. XOXO

Liv said...

I love these!! I definitely need to scan some old photos of my parents!


Mumbles said...

Those pictures are amazing
they look so pretty
I love watching my parents' old pictures
and you're right, they were so stylish
I can't believe your mother made her own clothes, that's so cool


Alexa said...

These photos are beautiful! Your mom looks just like you.

Yes, I'm blogging again! I was away from my computer for most of the summer. But now that I'm back in rainy toronto I'm re-interested!

Are you loving your Alexa Chung for Madewell items? Let me know if you're thinking of returning/selling the tea dress.


Becky said...

Amazing photos!

Stephanie said...

SUCH an awesome concept!! I totally wish people still did that!
I saw these on your tumblr ad i thought it was your mom FOR SURE! she is so stylish and you look a lot like her!

Great shots! the perfect keepsake!

JRA said...

These photos of your folks made my day! Having a good sense of style must be genetic.

Song of Style said...

omg love, love, love this! so freakin stylish.

Arlie said...

these are so cool! it's been a while but I'm catching up on your blog :)

Unknown said...

Amazing, old is gold.
I love your mother's style. It's such a nice idea. XOXO

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