the h&m sweater

all over the blogs and all over me.
i picked up this h&m sweater in early august, perfect with cutoffs or skinnies.
great piece.
top: h&m/cutoffs:ae/bag:pendleton/moccs:minnetonka

i know i've been lacking on the outfit posts so i'll try and get the few i have shot up this week and try and get back into taking pictures regularly. i've also begun filming vlogs again. here's my newest, a classic what's in my bag.


Stephanie said...

Love the dream catcher addition!!

you look gorgeous! I've never played sudoko....maybe i should look into it. Still need to get a flip lol! are you going to nyc with your sister? I'm going with my mom. Pretty excitedddddddddd. just to get out of town for a bit. and nyc in the fall. except it's warmer there now than it is here...but still the sun is lower this time of yr so im sure it's not too bad....so in love with the fall. im insanely happy about the weather this time of year lol. Hoping to find a good jacket there. how cute are you in those linda farrows?! LOL those glasses are amazing on you!

The mulberry wallet is amazing. love their shiny leopard. you have so much in your bag! I love these kinds of posts. my bag isn't as exciting but i did think of doing a post like this again recently. maybe i'll get a flip in nyc and save it for a video post. and the balenciaga is amazing-- of course ;)

p.s. i wrote you from my loulou email. keep your eyes peeled in case it went into your junk mail.

mary said...

love this. miss these! need more.

Amanda Lalique said...

Really cool blog..... I recently discovered it and I'm now following.
Cute sweater btw, it's the perfect go to piece for skinnies and riding boots
:) (I posted about your blog the other day too)