isabel in alexa chung for madewell

so lovely, look at her little dog!
i also bought this alexa chung for madewell tea dress in cream, but i was a bit disappointed with it. yes, the design is gorgeous, but the silk fabric is so thin that it's sheer and very wispy. i wish it had a little more weight because it pretty much needs to be worn layered up. on the fence about whether to hold on to it or return it, for the price i expected a bit more. either way, isabel looks gorgeous in it and it is a very pretty dress.
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Stephanie said...

so disappointing- how come it's hardly sheer on Isabel? Also, I didn't know she had a dog. So many celebs have dogs and i know they can just pay someone to watch their pups while they'Re away shooting but i find it slightly ironic that so many everyday people are reluctant to get dogs if they can't be home enough, yet so many celebs live nomadic lives and have dogs. my two cents lol.

kelsea said...

isabel has one of the best celeb styles in a looong time.

Mumbles said...

She's gorgeous
and the dress too
I love polka dots


Theresa said...

that dress rules, I first spotten Isabel in an beauty editorial and was rept away!!! Thanks for sharing

Emma said...

I saw her collection from Madewell in person and wasn't too thrilled with it, but this dress looks lovely in the picture.