family heirlooms

here i am in front of my childhood home, you got to love visiting the parents for some yummy food and good company. i'm wearing my f21 heels and pure love, my balenciaga step. a reader asked about my watch from this and my last outfit shot. it's actually my mother's omega deville dynamic. her father bought it for her 20th birthday, even though i'm sure it cost at least a month's salary. he was in the army and stationed for a few years in east timor. my mother was the oldest child so she helped out around the house and worked to support the family while he was away so it was a special gift to show his appreciation. i am so happy she passed it down to me. omega's are such amazing watches and mine even has the date in portuguese, which is a constant reminder of the watch's history in my family. so in love.
top: h&m, jeans: citizens, shoes: forever21, bag: balenciaga, watch:omega


Glamour Bbey. said...

Such a perfect look! lovely heels

Kara said...

loving everything about this look! I have all the same pieces so I should give it a try! ;) though i am missing your mother's omega watch! What a great piece and i love how its even more special because of its history! :)


marie said...

I love the cheetah with the green...what a surprising combo that works so great together.

heirloom jewelry is the greatest! I wear a few pieces constantly that have been my relatives and ancestors

lostceremony said...

im CRAZY about your top!!
I adoreee the shoes and bag together!

liv said...

love this look on you, you always look effortlessly cool and piece together such great outfits.

and thanks for letting me know lady, i so wish we had and h&m store =(

x x x x Liv

mary said...


Becky said...

That's a lovely story about the watch. Love those shoes too.

Alina said...

i love your shoes!they look so pretty


Stefani said...

great look!LOVE your shoes!

Alexa said...

Amazing outfit....you look fabulous, I adore the shoes- and the balenciaga is a perfect colour.

What a wonderful story about the watch as well!


jamie-lee said...

You look absolutely gorgeous, and it's great to see you wear something and treasure it as much as your mum probably did at the same age! love it x


Mumbles said...

Hii Cindy
Yoy look great
I didn't know you got a tattoo
I like it
and your heels are amazing
I want them too


Stephanie said...

first off: LOVE your new "leave a comment" link ;) and have been meaning to comment on this look for days. LOVE LOVE LOVE it ! you look gorgeous that balenciaga is TO.DIE.FOR. that leopard top looks great on you and the skinnies are fab also. your style muses, alexa and sienna would no doubt adore this look on you too ;)

and i LOVE visiting the parents. esp. lately since they live outsiude of the city, where i pretty much grew up and having a dog, makes me wish i lived somewhere quieter with more grass. one day. lol.


Enchanted Gardens said...


Tatiana Marie said...

Beautiful outfit!
And loves the shoes (perfect Miu Miu lookalikes)


Pre StΩr said...

those are the cutest shoes i have ever seen. they arnt selling them any more so if you ever want to sell them im willing to pay anything for them.