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it's video timeeeeeee!
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today we got a birthday/shopping haul, some recent beauty favourties and my summer book review/fall book list. then check out two great videos. first it's an incredible medley by jimmy fallon and jt doing hiphop through history, accompanied by the roots and then get ready for t-shirt time! if you're still jonesing for some viewing pleasure check out fx's new show terriers on your fav. online tv streamer. it's my pick for new show of the season and it stars the delicious micheal raymond-james who played renee on true blood.


Johanna said...

Hi! I really, really love all your videos, they are so inspiring! The only bad thing is that now I just wanna runt out and SHOP! :)

Have a great time in NY!


melly said...

hi cindy!
i really enjoy your mix of fashion, beauty and personality! and i just love love love that you support animal charity and speed-read the hell out of so many books - you have character.


Katy said...

So cute! Love it all!

ariane said...

I'm not sure if you've read it, but I recently finished reading "The Glass Castle" and fell in love with it. I lent the book to my mom afterwards and she loved it as well. So if you haven't already read it, make sure to check it out. It was amazing!

stephanie said...

LOVE the Isabel Marants! but you knew that already ;) too funny too cause i just filmed a video of my fave fall pieces and i speak of the Isabel Marants and the Joes jeans booties i got instead and i swear we say pretty much the same thing about both pairs lol! you're probably going to laugh when you see it ;)

you look beautiful here lady :)

Also LOVING the Langton tee! I think you're right on the Kate note. I still have my gift card. im gonna fall your fall pieces synopsis from Aritzia...because i might just mail you my gift card so you can get a piece or two for me ;) maybe?....too bad they dont have a website!


hope nyc is a BLAST!

Alexa said...

AMAZING boots!!!! Best birthday gift ever???

hélène said...

Lady, i have to say i frickin love your videos (i'm one of your youtube subscribers ;) And i am seriously living vicariously through you and your constant shopping extravaganzas! ps those isabel marant boots - DAAAYUM.

Veronicahhh said...

hi cindy
your marant boots, would you say that they run true to size? did you get to try them on before buying?

Yevgeniya Yelkina & Peter Stevens said...

great video. love the IM shoes! great blog xoxox


Rackk and Ruin said...

Cindy- if you Ever decide to sell that zara jacket Please let me know!!! Xx molly