nyc beauty haul

these are the beauty items i picked up on my recent trip to new york city.
stay tuned for the fashion haul coming soon.
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Black Adder Fashion said...

I honestly could sit and listen to you talk about beauty products all day!
Oh and am definitely going to check out Origins

xx Black Adder

Glamour Bbey. said...

Love your video!! I love the first picture too, love her shirt

mac and mac said...

I will definitely try Origins products next time I got on a beauty shopping mission, thank you for the recommendation!

Stephanie said...

loved the video :) Your beauty hauls always inspire me to be more "into" my beauty tasks at work lol...i think you would LOVE the beauty closet...i on the other hand, being not such a beauty gal, see it more as work-related than anything else.

i think our Thursday night dinner is gonna be awesome: Steph from modern antoinette is going to come and Hélène likely will too, and i invited my colleague, Rosalie who you may have exchanged emails with before since she covers most of the web and mag's blog-related content and my friend, mel :) we're gonna be a good group + some solid Canadian bloggers all together :)))