loulou: behind the scenes

some behind the seen action from when i shot with louloumagazine.com. such and great experience, make sure you check out my megan fox brow tutorial if you haven't already here. it was crazy to take two flights in one 24 hour period and we managed to cram in the shoot, a non-stop talk blogger dinner, unsuccessful vintage shopping and a very few hours of sleep. watching the audience react to all of oprah's favourite things while flying home was the hilarious icing on the plate. much love to stephanie and elizabeth, my fellow celeb dopplegangers and the lovely s. for bringing it all together. these shots are mine and her's, check out her blog le cheap c'est chic for more.
the amazing very early montreal morning view from our hotel room
the girls stephanie, yours truly,elizabeth and stephanie
s. at work.
elizabeth getting "lively", amazing hair!
trying to be natural and not look awkward while being shot, so weird to have a camera thisclosetoyourface and not being able to see the outcome
my best megan fox
accessories: rndm stall native ring which i lost, american eagle bracelet, rndm silver star bracelet, tiffany's bracelet, mom's vintage omega, american eagle bracelet
asos necklace
my pendleton overnighter and mulberry leah sandwiching stephanie from modern antoinette's vintage chanel
stephanie from le cheap ces't chic's new wang bag, adore!
wearing: vintage shearling, gap scarf, club monaco tee, jbrand cargos, aritzia belt, american eagle socks and aldo boots.
finally for some s#@t's and giggs, the quality isn't the best but it's pretty ridicules.


Justine @ Productrater said...

Did loulou do a feature on you? that is really cool. Will you be in their magazine? I am totally a loulou reader and will look for you! :)

Glamour Bbey. said...

Awesome pictures!!

Sarah said...

You are so lucky! What a great opportunity! This looks so much fun and you looks so pretty my dear xxx

claarax. said...

nice blog and really great pics :D

Stephanie said...

You look gorgeous in all these shots and in the video! So photogenic ;)

I look exhausted as i was feeling lol! Love the picture of the view of the city you girls had-- it's rare i get to see MTL from that pov.

How've you been lady?! Have been meaning to email you and am going to get to it today :)


Jelka said...

Cool pics!


LadyFLASHBACK said...

all those purses are soooo lovely-esp the pendleton one-super jelly :))

happy 2011

jess s//ladyFLASHBACK.com