kristen stewart vogues

it may be considered controversial to put kristan, someone who not exactly know for her fashion sense unless styled for the red carpet, on what is considered america's "top fashion" magazine. personally i'm not actually a fan of us vogue nor the article and shots of kristen inside the magazine, but being a huge fan of the girl here's what i do love.
  • the cover. shot by testino, dreamy, fresh & beautifully styled. probably the best cover she's done ever.
  • she's not edged out. they showed her soft and pretty and really she's stunning and should embrace her beauty more. very reminiscent of some of the vanity fair stuff she's done.
  • it's an all proenza spread, which is awesome in it's own right, but i love her youth associated with the brand.
  • it was done when she was portraying mary lou while shooting on the road, which i hope to god is done well because it's such a epic story. hopefully the blond hair will help ensure that it's not "bella swan" on screen hanging with dean and sal. fingers crossed.


Lainey said...

I love Vogue, but I'm quite shocked about this decision. I'd much rather see Lady Gaga on Vogue than her. But I have to admit she does look pretty.

Stephanie said...

You're SO FUNNY, lady!!!!

I LOVED reading the parts you do love about this cover(girl) and i thought the points you raised were bang on ;)


JRA said...

Interesting cover choice. Doesn't Anna love her or something? I'm with you--she looks stunning here.

Jazzy E (hivennn) said...

That is in no way that grebby little girl who's in thw twilight films. Woah. Look at her eyes. x hivennn.

Glowing Doll said...

I agree.

I also dislike American Vogue but that is a great Testino cover and definitely the best photo of her to date.