fall/spring whatever... as long as it stops snowing.

these two photos have been sitting on my desktop for months. they're from shopbop's free people fall styling feature. now, the fact that i haven't posted them yet shows my blogging energy zapped by the constant grey/winter bullsh#t blahs but, the fact that i'm posting them now shows that come the thaw i'll still want to dress like this...
layers, knits, tiny boots, 90's dresses and a touch of true north.


Cindy Van Dyck said...

Beautiful clothes!

Stephanie said...

ugh tell me about it! im right there with you on the non-enthusiasm front over the shit show weather outside. it's brutalllllllll. zero desire at this point to put on my winter coat and boots. but def still feeling the vibe of these looks (and esp. the sweater in the second pic) for spring.


Eda said...

These shoots are looks like warm and vintage.
love it!