jewelmint and marant

kate in marant at the kings speech party last night.
i wish that her jewelmint line was available to canada. those necklaces are pieces i'd like to get my hands on. have any of you tried it out?
src. tfs/justjared


Stephanie said...

I wish her line was available too! such pretty pieces! but i def imagine there'll be a way shortly! maybe ebay...or an american pal ;) whichever comes first lol! xx

Becky said...

I love everything she is wearing!

Elizabeth said...

I just bought a coupon sort of thing ($25 for 50 worth of jewelry) on the site. I'm hoping I find something I like!

A line said...

She is so beautiful! Love Kate and this outfit too


Lina said...

lovely all grey outfit<3

monica said...

I have a ring from jewelmint and I love it!

A-Jade said...

Hi Cindy,
I totally get your disppointment on them not offering shipment to Canada.
I personally decided that I was done with all of this and went though the web to find a solution to this awful ''problem'' ;P

Here> http://myus2.myus.com/

You create your account, they give you an US address that you will use when checking out, MYUS receives your package and they forward it to your house.
Sure, it becomes a little more expensive but I have to admit, sometimes it is so worth it!

I ordered JewelMint pieces a few weeks ago. You can take a look, I've featured them on my blog: http://thestendhalsyndrome.tumblr.com/post/4820557544/new-in-jewelmint

I hope this was useful.
Have a nice day!

Aj, Montreal