bright blond bombshells

two of my favourtie blonds, amber heard and emma stone, looking like true movie stars in bright, bright red and orange.
how stunning is emma in her lanvin gown? she does minimalism so well and the hair/make up is flawless. as for amber, she's retro gorgeous. i'm really looking forward to seeing her portray a playboy bunny in the new series that takes a look at the playboy club in 60's chicago. fingers crossed it's done well because i think she'd really shine in a roll like that.


Fashion Agony said...

That Lanvin gown is stunning!


I Live For It said...

Gorgeous post! Love it! Thanks for sharing!

I Live For It

Xx. Jewls and Liza

mary said...

emma is absolutely stunning with blonde locks and that lanvin gown. just perfect.

Anonymous said...

both are so stunning in red!

Kendra said...

Love that Lanvin gown! Very on trend for spring; I'm loving colour blocking!