bfas - best friends animal sanctuary

my mom and i with hopi, one of our sleepover puppies
the gorgeous surroundings - angel canyon
dixie! on a sleepover with us.
timon (dixie's run mate) and i on a walk.
timon and i playing fetch in the dog park.
dixie loves her toys and a cozy bed, she hadn't been on a sleepover in months!
with palmer on the dog trails.
screech at the dog park, this amazing boy survived hurricane katrina!
happy was too cute, she's hopi's sister and she slept beside me all night.
happy and i on a walk. i wish i could have taken her home with me so badly, but i'm glad to say she has been adopted!
sweet hopi, what a luvy boy.
a compilation of pictures taken over three days of volunteering at best friends in kanab, utah. my very favourite charity, this is a very special place and a great organization. if you have the time, check out their website and donate! or click on the best friends icons in my side or bottom bars.
wearing: aritzia plaid shirt and grey tee, h&m army coat, pendleton bag, free people brown top, brown vs pink hoodie, ebay wolf tee, lululemon and target leggings, converse, ray ban over sized wayferers, black best friends hoodie


melly said...

cindy, this is just beautiful! i will definitely check out the homepage, the place sounds and looks great. and it seems like you met the nicest dog-guys and -girls.
once again, you stand out from all fashion bloggers with things like this. never stop.

i want to vounteer at the bcspca here in vancouver, but they have TOO MANY people helping out, can you believe that? on the one hand i am sad that i cannot take dogs for a walk or take care of the cats in their shelters, on the other hand i am happy that a lot of people do so alredy...

<3 melly

Stephanie said...

omg this is TOOOO cute!! you and your mum and all these pups!!! how BADLY did you want to adopt them when you left?! i don't know if i could have left them behind after this kind of an experience!! SO SO cute + such a great place to be with pups! I wish every day was a walk in the canyon w chloe! xx

Sarah said...

I think you need a pup lovely lady.