unbelievable - arches national park

worth the 8+hrs of driving, arches national park is the most amazing place i've ever been to in utah. the hikes were relatively easy and the views were completely breath taking. we only had one day, but we fit in 3 different trails, a lunch time side trip to moab and so many photo ops that both our cameras and my flipcam ran out of battery.
***this post is very picture heavy***

the drive into the park

balanced rock

on the trail to delicate arch... it was so windy

bundled up against the wind and looking out for cactus!

on top of the world on the edge of the trail, just around the bend from the arch

the delicate arch
basically the symbol of utah. absolutely amazing.

that tiny figure is me standing in the arch, so cool. right on the edge of the cliff

one of the peaks in the massive national park, doesn't it look like lion?

on the trail to landscape arch, the 2nd most popular hike in the park

landscape arch

the cliff man eating the moon

the amazing view from the windows trail near sundown
on the windows trail
ipod camera shot after all my other cameras died

my mom and i in front of the largest of the "windows"

my new moccasins and sunset smiles
wearing: h&m army coat, zara white long sleeve top, f21 leggings, aritzia guns sweater, chucks and minnetonka moccasins, h&m necklace, ray-ban oversized wayferers, pendleton dopp bag
***i hope you guys like the vacation posts even though they're not as fashion related as my usual stuff. the experience was so awesome i just have to share it. 4 more posts left.


www.glamourblog.tk said...

Amazing shots!

Jennifer said...

love it! makes me want to go back there so bad!

Mish said...

love your jacket, just wondering if you know if h&m still has it and what size is the jacket that you're wearing?

Cindy said...

mish - the jacket is prob. 5 yrs old, but h&m usually does similar ones every fall. mine is a size 6.

Stephanie said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE this post!!! I feel like Utah is so in sync with your style and personality! when i was there a few years ago i fell in love w it too! It's just gorgeous!! and these picture totally communicate its beauty! and could you and your mom be ANY CUTER?!!! oh my gosh!! + you have the same smile :)

ok and thanks so much for your email w/ the portugal tips! LOVE that you mention the boat tour: I have it down in my notes to do!! glad you approve of it! one question, is the smaller boat gonna make me sea sick? I didn't think i was sensitive to motion sickness but in australia i was on a boat that wasn't even that small, but not massive either, and i was soooooooooooooooooo sea sick, i thought i was going to hurl on board! worst feeling. ever.

Cant wait for Lagos!! omgosh!! and is there anything amazing i should check out in Lisbon? Were you saying you had never been there? i dont remember right now.

Hope it's sunny + warm in TO. it sure is here!

omg and one last thing, can we maybe plan an Ontario cottage weekend?! I wonder how much it would be to do that and i would SRSLY LOVE TO!!


Stephanie said...

and one last thing!! that aritzia guns sweater: SO SICKKKKKKKKKK!!!