the grand canyon - it's big.

on the road to the grand canyon - arizona highway photo shoots with no cars for miles
that first breathtaking look - unbelievable
at the first viewpoint in my moccs - hazy, windy days and colorado river views
the elements got to me and i had to put the sweater, sunnies and chucks on.

unforgettable - the grand canyon
the drive there was almost deserted, until right outside the park and i kept replaying the national lampoon's vacation song in my head...
the canyon itself, unforgettable/jaw dropping/powerful.
it makes you feel insignificant with it's grandeur and that it's been there forever, literally.
although not as hiker friendly and varied in views as some of the utah parks (you would probably need weeks to truly appreciate all it has to offer), i highly recommend a visit. i hope next time i'll have more than a day there and i'll be able to actually travel into the canyon and along the colorado river. definitely my favourite picture taking spot of the trip, which means there's a part two to this post coming soon..
wearing: vintage shorts, urban outfitters tee, laurentian chief moccasins, converse, rayban over sized wayferers, aritzia sweater, gap sweatshirt (in 1st 2 shots), h&m necklace, pendleton bag, navajo ring.


Stephanie said...

LOVEEEEEEEEEE the last shot!! and i took so many similar highway shots in the Aussie Outback....no cars for milessssss. kinda scary at the same time out there. especially when our car broke down at sunset....not even gonna get into those hectic details here ;)

the canyon is unreal! ive been a few times and actually hiked it once w/ the kids i was camp counselling. so fun! but it was may and it actually snowed!!! crayzayyyy.

i DIE for that sweater! I want to move to TO lady!! a lot of changes going on over here! we need to catch up, but the timing for me to move to TO still seems off...but i def think it's in the cards one of these days!

Cad said...

Found your blog through one of your videos on youtube,
So glad I found it! Your style is fantastic!
Definitely following asap :)


Snob fashion said...

hey! snob loves u.

we follow u and you are on a link on the right hand side of our website!

please follow make sure you follow us.
love the girls from snob xoxox
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Anonymous said...

lovely pictures, hun! lovely jacket.


Liza said...

WOW! Gorgeous photos. I love the Grand Canyon. Definitely an amazing sight to see. Following your blog now!

XO, Liza
fashion over groceries

hélène said...

These shots are breathtaking, makes me want to visit the place so bad!!

Hope you're surviving in this heatwave

pagesofnothing said...

these pictures make me sooo happy!!...drove pretty close to the grand canyon coming back from burning man a couple years ago but didn't actually get to go....hope to make it back out there sometime soon...lovely post :)