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zara and converse
amazing cos jeans and her trademark zara tote
cos jumpsuit and zara heels, damn
amazing coat collection
the lovely annemiek from the netherlands
this girl has the perfect capsule wardrobe
simple, clean lined basics with the most special details from her favourites cos, zara and acne
always fresh faced and smiling, plus she has the cutest dog ever.
one of my all time favourites.
i wish i had her restraint when it comes to shopping. if only i could buy a few timeless gems a season instead of wasting money on throw away crap i barely wear.
not to mention annemiek wears her chucks almost as much as her heels, my kind of girl.
check out her sites if you haven't discovered her already.


www.glamour-blog.com said...

I follow her for 2years now I guess and I'll always love her minimalistic and basic looks!

moded'amour said...

Thank you so much!


She is one word: perfection!
Pretty, amazing style, very kind. In short: amazing <333


Stephanie said...

yeahhhhh, she's totally loveable!

and adore that tote. olivia P has it too and i actually just spotted it live in Portugal. it's so stiff though! but so chic at the same time. great zara purchase!


PRIMA DONA said...

ahhh havent been here in so long; ive misssed this blog!
amazing post! :)