got my shades on

my current sunglasses wish list
first the much wait-listed prada baroque as seen on ms. hilary duff. i love the ornate sides and round lens shape, so unique. not so sure these would actually suit me, as i haven't found a pair anywhere to try on, fail. roundish face with round sunnies might not work well.
the burberry's, i know look great as i have tried on the stunning pale blue ones many a time now. i want them so badly, but after splashing out on another pair of isabel marant dickers i've had to hold off. the blue pair look amazing with tanned skin tones and they fold up, so clever.


J. said...

The first pair is awesome! So unusual!

Lainey said...

Wow, I am loving Hilary Duff's Prada sunnies. Such an interesting look.