a canadian icon- the cougar pillow boot

with fall finally arriving i can once again pile on the layers and enjoy all the best parts of fashion, chunky knits, coats and boots - lots of boots.
cougar was nice enough to once again let me try out a pair of their boots for fall 11. i fell in love with the brand last year when they sent me a few pairs and i purchased my much loved cougar moola boots, so i was so excited to try out their re-launched pillow boots. the tan leather cougar pillow boots became a canadian icon in 1976, putting the brand on the map. the new version have all the warmth and utility of the original - waterproof and warm up to -24degrees celsius/-11degrees fahrenheit, with a modern look and gorgeous italian leather construction. the boots i recieved were one of only 900 produced in the signature tan leather and run for $270. they also come in saddle brown, black and a black with brown sole combo for $240. there are shorter, zip up and zip up knee high versions available, but the classic shape is my favourite. check out the website for more info and they are holding a contest to win a pair! www.pillowboot.com you can find out where to buy them here and also check out cougar's facebook as well. i'm also planning on purchasing these gorgeous cougar marlas - omg the perfect low heeled winter boot - the moola for 2011.
below is a video explaining the looks i've styled around my pillow boots. the 90's grunge girly look and modern downtown street look.


LadyFLASHBACK said...

nice socks peaking out and these boots seem great for your climate-don't know if i could use them as much here in the South but i sure do like!


mary said...

cougar boots are the bomb.com. I bought a pair last year based solely on your raves about the brand. and they are the best.

Zoe said...

Love those- makes me wish I lived in a colder place than San Francisco! Love how you styled them and am digging those red pants!zoe


Mafalda said...

I see those shoes everywhere here in portugal, specially with the small/Texas heel. I like them :D


LOLA ♥ said...

the first look is soo cute!

love your blog