the extras

the accessories
spy "borough" sunglasses
mango domed star ring
market stall silver snake ring
mulberry brooke
rubber bracelets
low luv by erin wasson thunderbird cuff
navajo beaded bracelet
silver heart charm bracelet
american eagle neon bracelet
carnelian stone bracelet
full outfit coming soon...


ariane said...

Hi Cindy!

I was just wondering if maybe you could do a post on how to dress for a Canadian winter. I know that I always get in a fashion rut during the colder months because all I want to do is bundle up. I'm also trying to find a pair of stylish winter boots. Anyways, just a thought :)


Stephanie said...

howwww amazing is that thunderbird cuff?!

ytoc said...

love the erin wasson cuff, and bag!!!

sophie van oirschot said...

i do have the same blouse, it´s lovely on you! xxx