i left my ♡ in nashville

how do i even start with nashville? i had truly the best time and i wish that i was still there... in fact being back home put me in quite the funk, missed my love and missed the city itself. still, i can't wallow forever, so hopefully getting back to the things i love, like this little blog, will help me get through the long distance heartache.
day one in nash. was a write off. i travelled all day, was awake for 30+ straight hours (flying anxiety) - all i wanted to do was get there and see the boy. the exploring didn't start until day 2 with a walk down to broadway (if you don't know nashville that's where all the bars/honky tonks are and it's the main downtown strip). on the way we made a detour through printer's alley. a small side street of bars and one famous "gentleman's club" that are all housed in former bordellos, ooooh scandalous.
on broadway we popped into robert's western world for a refreshment(s) and then onto hatch show print, an awesome old school print shop that creates a lot of the posters for nashville concerts. i fell in love and wanted to buy all their pieces.
i loved this wall - blog shots time. my boy was so sweet to humor me with all the pictures.
we finished the day at the foot of broadway by the cumberland river. there are so many great public spaces in nashville.
that night we went to jacks, the most famous bbq spot in nashville and it did not disappoint - serious hangover after that meal. i love how in nashville you can get sweet tea and lemonade everywhere #arnoldpalmersaremyfavourite
what i wore out that night to jacks and to honky tonk at tootsies- please excuse the lighting, it's so dark in the boys apartment.
ipod shots at jacks. me and the boy and our plates. i had pulled pork, mac and cheese and coleslaw. yum.

outfit 1: sweater- h&m, jeans- urban outfitters, necklace- jewelmint, boots- sam edelman louies, sunnies- rayban, bag- pendleton
outfit 2: sweater and tank- aritzia, shorts- urban outfitters, tights- h&m


MONI said...

loveeee your first pic, wow



Stephanie said...

OMG LOVED THIS POST!!!!! and lemonade EVERYWHERE?!! I'd be in HEAVEN. It's my fave drink!! lol! And i totally get the buzzkill that is being back home, esp when you're separated from someone :( :(

That chequered wall is beyond amazing! So GOOD for photo ops. Love what you wore on the second day and that print shop would've done me in too!!! SO cool. I've never been to Nashville, but looks seriously cool and rife with inspiration!!! The edelmans look great on you! Somwhow, fringe + nashville seems so appropriate, lol.

K i didn't buy anything cause i actually had to put a shopping ban on my life at the moment and for the next little while. Sigh. i am maid of honour at this HUGE wedding and its honestly going to cost me so much. and its only this time next year. Sort of brutal. Dont get the OTT wedding thing at all. anyways. i had to buy the Halston Heritage dress the bride asked me to wear, and it was $600 on sale!!!....so unfort right now my style budget is biting the bullet
:( BUT i am going to see Hélène this w/e in Brooklyn-- with the shopping ban, lol, which should be so fun! Esp NYC! it's always a blast there!! isn't it?!

:D xo

Stephanie said...

omg and just looking at the food you're eating and im PRETTY sure Nashville is a place my mom would love! Her business is in smoked foods and southtern cooking! Maybe I should plan a little nashville getaway w her LOL

Anonymous said...

I have this h&m jumper too, it goes with everything, I love it.
Funny we often seem to pick up the same things from there despite being continents apart.


a bit coquettish said...

On the hunt for a pair of deep red/raspberry colored cigarette jeans - they look AMAZING on you! x

Angela said...

Un post tres inteessant! Bravo!!!!

Elizabeth Victoria Clark said...

nashville looks like so much fun and that food looks incredible!! hope you're adjusting to being back. xox

O. said...

Love this post. It seems as you had great time. I like the atmosphere of teh first pictures.
By the way, I follow you, great blog.