happy new year

a quick post to show you all what i got up to on new years 2012.it may be a little late, but hey i've been sick the last few days and only had the energy to play tiny tower and watch "the killing"..... anyways on with it.
i celebrated the new year with all my besties at my friends' jackie and mike's wedding. it was an amazing party and i even caught the bouquet! unfortunately, the boy was and is still in nashville so i had to go solo, the only downside to a great night. i channeled stevie nicks with my outfit, wearing a vintage sheer dress/kimono over a body con mini and lace tights with lots of gold touches. so fun. i also had to throw in some pictures of jackie, looking gorgeous in her monique lhuillier wedding dress, unbelievable. hope you all had a blast at your new years events and i wish all my lovely readers a fantastic 2012. xxc
wearing: vintage sheer dress and belt, american apparel u-back dress, hue tights, topshop boots


Aleen said...

Your outfit is perfection, and so is that wedding dress! x

Lousine Adelia

Stephanie said...

omgosh she looks stunning!! The wedding im MOH at this year, the bride is also wearing Lhullier!! The Scarlett probably ;)

LOVE your look! So intricate and so well layered. Good job layyydayyy ;)

Hope you're feeling better soon!

BTW did you see my post on Free People accessories?! I ffaaadie over them, lol. and i think you would too. only problem: soooo $$$$. #lesigh


Michelle said...

wow nice dress, im having a H&M versace giveaway,come join?http://mwanwan.blogspot.com/2012/01/h-versace-giveway.html

Pato Garcia said...

OMG! You're really pretty!!

Stephanie said...

ha! as if SAME sweater?!! LOVE!!!! that! ;)


Stephanie said...

30+ days road trip?!!! IM SOOO JEALSSS woman!!!! how fun!! cant wait to see the TNS material that comes out of that venture! and ps: totally thought of you when i saw that Western inspired/Utah shopping story ;)



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