good ol' rocky top! whoooo! rocky top tennessee.

nashville day 10 - the first full day in the smokies involved lots of rocking on the back porch and relaxing in the hot tub before heading to knoxville for a university of tennessee football game. what an experience! 100,000 people all in volunteer orange, singing along with the marching band playing rocky top and supporting their boys. that night was so cold and the vols weren't exactly doing that great so we decided to leave after the half time show, but what a show it was, flaming batons, marching band reels and a back flipping davy crocket. crazy.
Rocky Top by The Osborne Brothers on Grooveshark
wearing top: sweater: aritzia, top: urban outfitters, pants: j brand
wearing bottom: hoodie: university of tennessee volunteers gear, jacket: h&m

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stephanie said...

LOVE the pic of you twoo!!! so cute! and love the country cabin theme that runs through TNS-- always makes me wanna get away to one, stat ;)!