get free - nike free 5.0

i love my trusty black nike free 5.0's so much so it was natural that when i saw the new nike running ads, i wanted to add an updated neon version to my collection. the pink ones are my favourite, but unfortunately my nike running store only had them in free 3.0's, so i'll have to wait a little longer for my new babies. so comfortable, these give you a barefoot running feeling and the neon is so on trend. i just loves these guys even if i'm not exactly a "runner". check them out. also how sic are these liberty for nike wedge sneakers? damn.


Stephanie said...

The ads are soo good: "I would run to you"! lol.

You need to check out my latest post! were on the same page ;) #notsurprised

PS! your tumblr gives me majorrr wanderlust!!
pps: you and your man are so cute on instagram ;)

Sue Anne said...

Helloo I like your pics can we follow each other? :)