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if you have seen my recent monthly favourites and haul videos on my youtube channel (there's always a link in the sidebar if you want to check them out and subscribe) then you may have noticed my renewed adoration for all things "skate culture", especially vans. when i was younger i was obsessed with the x-games, skate brands and the whole cali/austraila beach/surf/skate vibe. lately i've been feeling very nostalgic not only in my fashion sense, but also with music, movies and the like. i've been watching the docs pearl jam 20 and dogtown and z-boys, even re-watching my fav. x-games moments on youtube, listening to lithium on sirius non-stop + a bit of t.mills and yelawolf and buying everything vans. i've got the hadley hikers, classic sk8 hi's in blue/black, the perfect hooded flannel and when i head out to cali this summer i plan on raiding the vans store for those pearl jam plaids, those sick leather sk8's highs oh and a vans sweatshirt...oh and an iphone case...
for more inspiration check out skate-land , localsonly and of course vans.com
Fuck Em (With My Vans On) by T. Mills on Grooveshark
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zoƫ said...

great photo haul!