on the road - day 29-33 - road trip wrap up

the last few days of road trip 2012. my advice for anyone thinking of doing a trip like this is give yourself enough time or make your trip smaller, i needed another week to have seen everything and lessened the driving days. also, know it will cost a lot, especially if you're not camping or staying with people, update your gps, pack less then you think you'll need, plan a bit a head, it will lessen the stress, get good snacks, good music and take lots of pictures! i'd definitely do another road trip but i'd focus on one area like the northeast or northwest coasts or tennessee/louisiana/texas with at least 2-4 weeks so that i could explore more.
vail, colorado, nebraska, iowa, chicago, illinois and the drive home through indiana and michigan. i clearly stopped with the outfit posts by this point, too many hotel stops to care about lugging all my luggage, kept it pretty simple in the end. the heat was also getting to me, scorching after colorado. there were some highlights i'd like to mention, seeing the southern rockies which were not as impressive as those in alberta, but were still gorgeous. Seeing the cutest fox in aspen. the endless cornfields of iowa and nebraska and the giant moon overhead. the coolest urban waterfront i've ever seen in chicago, fourth of july fireworks at navy pier and all in all one awesome city "chi-town" i'll be back... finally getting back home and no problems at the border! 
there was also one intense moment in nebraska where we almost ran out of gas in the middle of nowhere, with a gps that was leading us to cornfields not pumps. we had to turn off the ac, roll up the windows and coast for quite few sweat filled, adrenaline pumping minutes before we finally found a closed gas station that thankfully still took credit cards at the pump. we were almost children of the corn food.

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J. said...

OMG, the scenery is simply stunning!!