winter 2012/13 - a recap

some insta-outfits from this winter, i completely fell back in love with docs, vintage maxis, alpha bomber jackets, urban outfitters iphone cases and 90's everything.
netflix obsessions - twin peaks, breaking bad, freak and geeks, and undeclared, fear streets and christopher pikes, diehard marathon!! i ♥ john
yelawolf tees and "fancy sweats", new mascara love, dinos and zoya fei fei, cranberry polish and lots of silver vintage, etsy and pamela love rings.
bringing back the club monaco sweatshirt, sparkle sparkle, salem tees, and party polaroids.

gallery walls, winter weather, snakes and lattes board game action, best book of the year "everybody loves our town", winter classic - the cutting edge "toe pick" 
happy 2013!! and a 90's slumber party sneak peek. 


Louise Boyd said...

Hi Cindy! Love your blog. I'm always saving your outfits to Pinterest, you have such a great look and i'm so incredibly envious of your sneaker collection :)

Hope this isn't weird but I was just wondering how you manage to stay in such great shape? You look so healthy and happy!

Kate said...

I really love the red nail color and your second outfit! you have great style.

Kate from Clear the Way