the sleepover friends - grunge goddess

grunge goddess - inspiration

grunge goddess. the alternative babe who spends her nights trying to contact kurt cobain from across the grave and rocking out to green day, stone temple pilots and pearl jam. she's may have a bad reputation but, she had a lot of fun getting it. she likes her boys with long hair, a guitar in their hands and a flannel shirt around their waist think - kurt cobain, eddie vedder, jordan catalano, skeet ulrich or a.j. from empire records. this grunge goddess can be a slacker or a tad sarcastic, but she has a romantic heart - daria and jane, tai pre-clueless make over, janet livermore and courtney love.
grunge goddess - wardrobe
the grunge goddess' sleepover wardrobe includes anything comfortable, lots of flannel, printed leggings (plaids, ironic graphics and nirvana inspired smileys), thermals, beanies, printed socks, moccasins, pentagrams and her favorite band tees. 
grunge goddess - hair and makeup
grunge hair is bed head, not much in terms of styling but, she has her fun with crazy colors. make up is lots and lots of eye liner, that she never takes off so it's even better in the morning. she tops things off with a beanie and dark, funky nail polish colors like black, navy and mauve.
**** a girl after my own ♥ ****


Hélène Heath said...

Girl you always have the best 90s inspo on here. Wish i had the balls to some pastel strands in my hair. xx

peach said...

wow, i love your blog! keep up the great work:):) xx peach