true north obsession - mini totes

i've been obsessed with mini cross body totes ever since the celine nano was released. the boxy shape, the huge colorways, what's not to love? back then you could score a celine nano for around 1600$, still crazy expensive, but not unreasonable compared to other luxury bags on the market. unfortunately, i've had to give up on my nano dream because this winter their price is increasing to 2400$ a pop! insanity. i would never pay that much, ever.
that's ok though because this past year or so the balenciaga mini papier a4 has taken over the #1 spot on my favourite mini tote list. it's a lot more digestible at approx 1100$, comes in so many colors, has great zipper details and balenciaga bags have always held i strong place in my heart. i came very close to buying one this year in nashville, but it still ending up being too expensive for me at the time.
then just last week i found a new mini tote to lust after, the rebecca minkoff m.a.b. tote mini. ahhhhh so cute, esp. since it's only 195$!! that's practically nothing compared to the other two, right? right?!? completely justifiable. i will take one in navy, burgundy and/or forest green please... i know what i'll be trying to score on black friday/cyber monday.

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