changing channels

 on my mind. 
vintage rock tees, c.love/violet, house plants/nirvana, skate ramps/beach life, orange lips/stripes,  vans/smash - what an album, muddy eddie/clooney hoops, high waisted/daisy rings, cheer squad, bang bang/overalls, silver foil/ck alien girls, stars/big chill - what a soundtrack, smiley, ed/ved, lookbook

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Sara Inga Catrin said...

I've been reading your blog for years and love it! I so wondered where the music came from which I then noticed came fom this post, when I scrolled down the page. I absolutely love the song and the music video is amazing! I so want to put on my roller-skates right now, though it's pitch black outside paired with a storm... which might not be the perfect combo... Great soundtrack none the less! Much love from Sweden!, x S.