heart on my sleeve

so sometimes different aspects of your day require different outfits but, if you're not lindsay lohan or clark kent you may not have the time or luxury of a full look redo. instead you may just have to layer your look in the morning to prepare for what's ahead. with this look i had my new nordic inspired sweater for running errands and going for lunch. then i removed that to reveal my heart print sweater for work because the other sweater was too hot and nice to risk ruining. finally, i remove that sweater to reveal my sexy black tank for dancing the night away.
i take special pride in these jeans because i was able to take a little worn bootcut pair and turn them into sexy ripped skinnys with my sewing machine.

I mostly take my blog pics in my living room but with winter on our doorstep i've been having lighting problems so i headed into my bedroom for my heart top shots. you can see my overflowing lace curtain ikea wardrobes in the background.

tank: french connection
jeans: modfied see thru soul
boots: vintage guess
heart sweater: h&m
nordic sweater: french connection
neacklace: silver locket from my mom

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