yo tiger.

so a couple of weeks ago i went to the zoo to spend a fall afternoon. i love the zoo, it's so pretty in the valley and i love seeing all the animals. my favourites are all the canadian forest animals, like the beavers and mountain lions, and i love the tigers. they always remind me of that scene in rocky 2 when rocky proposes to adrian. that would be a perfect proposal to me. anyways i was wearing one of my favourite dresses that day, it has a great horse print. horses always remind me of stella mccartney and her time at chloe. she was the first designer i ever truly loved and followed. she inspired me to learn more about fashion and the time she and phoebe philo spent at chloe were some of my favourite collections ever. another thing this outfit shows is how size labels are irrelevant. my frye boots are a 71/2, normally i wear a 9 or 81/2 and my cardi is a large when i usually buy a medium or small. i think you really have to go with what feels and looks best. i mean sometimes when something is a little looser it makes it look more expensive and chic. plus, things like cotton tees wear better if they're a bit big because when the shrink they still look good instead of cheap or trashy. while, jeans and certain leather items like moccasins can stretch out so you have to go a bit smaller. trying things on is so important. anyways, here's some pics of me hanging out with my animal friends.

cardigan: winners, adec2
dress: h&m
socks: h&m
boots: frye
bag: winners, friis company

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