black velvet

sometimes i buy stuff on sale without trying things on because i think it might be a good buy. this tunic was one of those purchases. it was from the urban outfitters sales rack and because they have such a great return policy i snagged the last one. luckily it looks cute and i don't have to bring it back. actually this outfit is a bunch of good buys, my velvet vest was 6$ at value village. i love vv. the tunic looks great with leggings as it's long enough to cover anything you may want to disguise. i think the legging as pants look is really hard to pull off. it can look good if your thin and if the leggings don't give you camel toe but after a night at the mall xmas shopping i've seen they've become a uniform for young girls of all sizes. they all wear them with their uggs which is fine but on some of the girls it's so unflattering. i mean i rarely wear them without a long top and there were girls today that were bigger then me rocking them, even gold metallic pairs. hey, if your comfortable i guess wear whatever but if you just added a slightly longer shirt you would look so much better. it's just an idea.

headband: h&m
vest: thrifted, jacob
dress/tunic: urban outfitters
leggings: tna
boots: ebay, vintage guess
earrings: gypsy

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