denim roses and silver hearts

for a day of vintage shopping i decided on this layered look. i wanted to wear one of my fav. summer dresses. it's a rose patterned denim bustier with a cotton skirt. i usually wear it to go out because it has a sexy cut but with the gray tee underneath it makes it more day and less summery. the navy colour of it gave me the chance to test out my new knit tights. i love the polka dots. they day was a success as i ended up buying a great suede motorcycle jacket and black check scarf at cute vintage shop on ossignton, but the day was not without loss too. in an attempt to blast some timberland on my ipod my cashmere glove got lost somewhere on queen st. it kept me warm since high school but no more. my cold fingers miss you buddy. i'm also wearing my marc watch necklace here, it was a birthday present. i have yet to find a wrist watch i like in my price range so i only wear time pieces around my neck. ironically, when i wear it i still always check my cell phone when i want to know the time.

sweater: winners,adec2
tee: american apparel
dress: urban outfitters
tights: urban outfitters
boots: ebay, vintage ropers
earrings: gypsy
watch: marc by marc jacobs
ring: h&m

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