from all the boys the one i take home is music

this is a fashion blog but sometimes things inspire me that aren't fashion related. so i am going to write about them anyway because really who's going to stop me. there are some cds that have not left my car player or my ipod in months. i strongly believe that the music industry is destructing and if we want labels to keep signing and support unique artists like the ones below we have to start buying music again. hopefully these glowing reviews will urge some of you to pick up these tunes and not just download them for free.
i'm really loving paolo nutini. he's a young scot who writes these great songs about growing up and relationships. he has an amazing scratchy voice. i can't get enough of him. i love the first 6 songs on his first cd "these streets" especially last request and jenny don't be hasty.
next i'm loving roz bell and his debut cd "the first sunbeams". this guy blends pop, rap and rock with a retro sound. if you liked maroon five's first album you'll love this. plus, he is a toronto boy and you should alway support your own. i love his songs cali cry, papercut, i used to love her, yesterday man and jesus janey.
there's also the amazing vocal styling of one miss alice smith. i saw her open up for citizan cope around this time last year and i was blown away. i went from having no idea who she was to marching over and buying her cd after her set. i'd say she's a less gimmicky amy winehouse without all the drama. on her debut "for lovers, dreamers and me" check out woodstock, gary song, fake is the new real and dream.
when i want to rock out a bit more i love popping on the fratellis "costello music". another amazing act from the uk these boys make fast fun rock songs about girls and trouble. i wish i could have seen these guys live but their show sold out so fast. you got to listen to henrietta, flathead, chelsea dagger and for the girl.
finally, i must boast about a miss kate nash. i'd compare her to lily allen but with a dirtier mouth. she writes the cutest songs about awful relationships but it makes sense really as she started writing after her boyfriend dumped her and she broke her leg falling down the stairs, not the best situation. i love foundations, nicest thing, we get on, shit song and birds.

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