someone was nice this year... me

so as new years approaches i'm finally posting some picks of the lovely fashion related gifts i received this year for christmas. i must have been really good too because i got some great things. my sister wanted to make up for some not so exciting birthday and christmas gifts of years past when she was short on cash so she surprised me by saying i could pick out something extra special from holt renfrew this year. at first i thought i'd get a new marc bag but they didn't have the styles i liked in stock so instead i chose a new dressy winter coat. thanks to the killer sale they were having i was able to buy the one coat i've been lusting over all season, the buffalo plaid philip lim. i love it and i know it's a memorable piece but it's so me i don't care if it looks last season next year. i mean, who cares about that stuff anyway. while i was there i also picked up a twelve8twelve tee ( i heart sienna) and a suede clutch as a pressie to me from me. the clutch reminded me of those amazing suede miu miu bags from spring/ summer 07 that i love so much but can't afford. the colours are awesome and i can't get enough of the barb wire print, it's such a cool detail. my fella got me some great footwear this xmas. he added to my ever expanding moccasin collection with a pair of dusty brown minnetonka loafers ( i can't wait tell spring) and a pair of hunter wellies. now i will never wreck another pair of leather boots out in the rain and i can pretend i'm kate at the country estate. all in all i made out like a bandit and i hope you all did too. here's to a great 2000 and 8.

coat: philip lim
clutch: susan farber
moccasins: minnetonka
wellington boots: hunter

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