i love diy

lucky magazine this month features a selection of cool shopping websites (as well as cover girl and my fav. blake lively). one of the sites is www.day-lab.com. and they specialize in dead stock vintage items from the 70's and 80's with a big focus on jewelry. browsing the site i came across these sweetheart bracelets.i loved the idea of getting one with my boyfriend's name on it and since we've been together for a few years i didn't think it would scare him too much. they only have one of each name available so i was lucky to find one with his name on it. if you want one and your guys name is joel, terry or brad you're in luck as that's all that's left, otherwise you could always find a new guy. once i received it i found it still a little obsessive sitting on my wrist all alone so i decided to make some bracelets to wear with it. in this month's nylon they have a great bracelet diy so i went to the bead store and bought gold chain, lobster clasps, jump rings, string and cute beads. in under an hour i put four bracelets together and i think they look great layered with my sweetheart bangle. here's the instructions in case you want to make them too.

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