jersey girl

i had the best new years ever this year. it was so fun because i was with some great friends and i'll post some pics from the nights celebration soon. before i got to enjoy some champagne and dancing i had to work and that's were i wore the look below. i decided to were my high waisted kate skirt with the now classic gray jersey american apparel deep v-tee. i also put on these new tights i got from the gap and even though the were a size small and the right size for my weight they barely, barely covered my bum. i had to stretch them to their very limits just so i could get them on. i mean who does the gap expect to be buying these, people under 5 feet? i know i have long legs for my height because i'm short waisted but i'm only 5"4 and a half. do they think you have to be short to be small. it was so weird. oh, and for you bargain hunters out there, if you like the skirt i know for a fact it's on sale right now.

top: american apparel
skirt: h&m
tights: gap
boots: vintage roper, ebay
earrings: gypsy
necklace watch: marc by marc jacobs

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