this day in music history

i grew up with a relatively sheltered knowledge of music. i wasn't against any one genre or not open to new things i just wasn't exposed to much more then what was on the radio. luckily i now live with a music freak who exposes me to new artists almost everyday. a lot of the time the singers that really get me aren't new but ones that came out in the 80's and 90's when i was too young to appreciate them. the other week i was watching the hills (don't judge, i know it's fake) and they played this song that was a cover of something i've heard once or twice. i thought it must be a new young girl popstar but when i heard it again yesterday while out with my friends they were all like, it's frente!. the song is bizarre love triangle by new order and i just love angie's voice. my friends said every girl had the frente! cd when they were in high school but i'd never heard of them. i am going to pick up the disc tomorrow, say no to illegal downloading! another song i love that's sung by a fantastic girl is almost lover by a fine frenzy. this girl is new but her voice has that same vulnerable quality i love about the frente! cover. i've been listening to the lemonheads a lot too and i can't get enough of the song frying pan. they do a cool cover of luka, the hit from another female one hit wonder of the 90's, suzanne vega that i like too. finally, my favourite song ever is no rain by blind melon and i absolutely love shannon hoon. my boyfriend was watching them on youtube today and they were preforming change (the best song) on letterman the day after kurt cobain died and shannon was just so out there. it was great. i remember i was in 6th grade when kurt killed himself and i still can picture being on the phone with my friend as she told me and was crying. i didn't get why she was so upset until i grew to understand just how important nirvana was in high school. lithium is my favourite nirvana song, by the way.

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