come as you are

more plaid. i know i wear these flannel shirts a lot but they are so versatile and at this time of year add the coziness i crave. this one is over sized so i wrapped it around me and belted it so i didn't drown in it. pairing it with a tunic and leggings makes an extremely comfortable outfit that looks way more stylish then sweatpants. thanks to my guy for letting me borrow his toque. i may have at least 2-3 black hats but of course his is the one i think looks best. by the way i wore this to go vintage and thrift store shopping and i picked up a high waisted circle skirt, gray jersey tee and a fab soft leather mini in the darkest blue.

toque: burton
flannel top: thrifted, polo ralph lauren
tunic: aritzia
leggings: aritzia
boots: hunter
bracelets: thrifted
belt: h&m, came with pants

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