channeling blair waldorf

from the second i saw this skirt i had to have it. it reminded me so much of those cute gossip girl uniforms. i don't understand how at prep schools in nyc you get to wear flattering uniforms while i was stuck in a maroon, baby blue and grey kilt for five years. i looked cute in it but it wasn't exactly fashionable. i wanted to give this outfit that preppy private school vibe without looking like i was actually on my way to class. i showed the outfit with boots and flats because i thought both options look good but since it snowed another 20 inches here i ended up wearing the boots. i also wore it with the only turtleneck that has ever looked good on me. it's the only one i own and i actually have a back up because i firmly believe if you find something that works when nothing else has, buy multiples. i'm lucky enough to have a few tiffany's pieces that my guy has bought me over the years and this bracelet was the first one he gave me. it was my birthday and he was really broke so he said he'd have to get me a present in a few weeks. i was just expecting to spend the day together and a card. so when he brought me all the stuff to make cereal and my card in the morning i didn't think anything was up. when i opened the cereal box inside was the tiffany's box. i was totally surprised and it was so sweet of him to remember i wanted the bracelet and to hide it like that. he may not be the most romantic guy but he definitely has his moments.

jacket: vintage
top: h&m
skirt: gap
tights: h&m
boots: vintage, guess
flats: seychelles
bracelets: tiffany's and jeremy's silversmiths

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Jenny Cindy said...

Cute and very Blair ^o^