he ain't heavy he's my brother

last night was the heavy's big debut at the horseshoe and i went out to see chris, ruben and the boys rock out. i decided to wear my comfy pocketed jewel tunic that i bought for my staff christmas party, my new boys tux jacket and my deal of a fringed purse. the purse is one of those things you want all season but is just a bit to much to spend, then at sales, if you're quick you can get it for a steal. i got this leather bag for 28$ when it went for about 100$, love it. a outfit that works at a great rock show and at mc d's after for a hamburger happymeal.

jacket: thrifted, value village
tunic: aritzia
jeans: earnest sewn
boots: winners
bracelets: thrifted
earrings: claires
bag: mango

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The Vancouverista said...

that fringed bag is so amazing!!